Michiel Leij

I am a digital nomad, and make things happen from behind my laptop far far away, as if I were sitting next to you. Through my extensive career as a developer, manager & creator, I get shit done! You need help? Get in touch and see where things will lead!

What I Do


Within the fast world of today's social media, number of channels and customer expectations, is al about punch lines, triggers, and just getting the customer on edge. Let's impress!

Digital Marketing/Design

Want something fancy for your social media, either video or graphics. I can plans, design and executes all web, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns. Designs, builds, and maintains social media presence.

PHP Development

You need help with you PHP website, want a new feature or your are stuck with getting ahead of the competition. Let me assess and help you getting shit done!

Project Management

Throughout my extensive career as an allround IT guy, I have just about seen all there is in getting shit done. It always leads to customer expectations and getting what you asked for. Need help? Let see if we can have a match!



Fun Facts

Happy Clients


Working Hours


Awards Won


Coffee Consumed



€55 per hour
Copywrite work
Digital Design/Marketing work
Development work
€85 per hour
Project management work
Service management work
Architectural design
€150 per month
Advisory Services
4 FB/Instagram post p/m
4 instagram stories p/m